Doug, in Ratho
Club Cyclist
Pre-Bike Fit:

Thanks again for the bike fit. With the changes and new insoles etc. I managed an entirely pain-free ride around the etape and plenty since.


James, in Chirnside
Ironman Triathlete
Pre-Bike Fit: Unable to maintain a position on the aero-bars due to discomfort

Have cycled about 10 hours since the fit and it has made such a difference. The bike handles more like my road bike now so a lot more confident handling it. So speed through the corners on the downhill up by around 3mph average! Also going faster in the straights and it feels like I am finally putting down the power I thought I had!

and a month later..

Just a quick note to say thanks for doing such a great job of my bike fit! Had a fantastic ride at Ironman Bolton at the weekend; absolutely no pain at all on the bike. My hands, arms, shoulders and neck where all absolutely fine. So thanks again!

Our Cycle Fit Analyst says: " Proof that improvements in comfort lead to better performance!"


Bruce, in Edinburgh
Pre-Bike Fit: Experiencing back pain on rides

I met Alexander at a triathlon event I took part in and I arranged for him to complete the bike fit, as I had been experiencing some pain in my back following longer bike rides. Alexander proved to be an excellent choice and provided a very professional and exhaustive analysis of my build and my best riding position. Alexander is  courteous and very personable and  following the bike fit I have not experienced any further back pain, and I really can’t praise his service too highly.


Jessie, Edinburgh
Leisure Cyclist
Pre-Bike Fit: Pain and discomfort after long rides

I had a ride to North Berwick yesterday and it was just great to get home with no aches or pains. Thank you very much indeed for all your help.


Ross, in Edinburgh
Cycle Tourer
Pre-Bike Fit: Chronic pain in shoulders, knee and Achilles

It's almost a month now since my Claymore Bike Fit and what a difference it's made. I'm just back from a touring holiday in France where we spent between 4 and 9 hours a day in the saddle, there's no way I could have managed this before the fit. I was really impressed by the attention to detail that Alexander gave, it certainly isn't a rushed process but well worth the time. Alexander also provided me with a very detailed report of changes made and recommendations. I really wish I had done this years ago, thanks again for making such a difference. 


Stuart, in West Calder
Cycling Enthusiast
Pre-Bike Fit: Experiencing leg discomfort

Comfort objective attained. And I think it is a big BIG bonus. Cadence is up by about 10rpm. As a result I climbed a hill for the first time in the large ring mostly down to the fact that I was able to generate and carry far more speed into the hill.

Very pleased. Job well done.


Heather, in Roslin
Cycling Enthusiast
Pre-Bike Fit: Discomfort making longer rides unpleasant

I have to say I am most impressed with the outcome of the bike fit. The adjustments to my position have made a huge difference to my comfort on the bike. No evidence of any knee pain now, either. I am absolutely delighted!


Johnnie, in Stanley
Cycling Enthusiast
Pre-Bike Fit: Wanting to check position before purchasing a new bike

I’ve been much more comfortable up to 3 hours. the more stretching I do the more comfortable the bike becomes. I’m finding it much easier to spend time in the drops, and my descending speed has increased.

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