Do you find cycling uncomfortable and hills a real struggle? Does your saddle feel like a bench with nails in it even though it's gel padded or your hands, arms and shoulders ache for hours after a ride? If you do then this may be due to your bicycle being incorrectly set up. With a Sgian Dubh Bike Fit we provide positional advice and assistants enabling you to enjoy your cycling to it's full potential.

Cycling is a learnt skill; it does not come naturally. Most of us are initially taught by either a family member or through a scheme such as bikeability. The way we position ourselves on the bicycle at this early age usually becomes poor practise as we develop into adults. Most of us learn new positional methods as we grow up from more experienced cyclists either within our families or through friends or a cycling club. If we haven't had this opportunity, or the advise is poor we can then continue to ride in a position that reduces efficiency, causes discomfort and can produce overuse injuries.

Poor positioning on the bicycle is the fundamental reason for experiencing discomfort when cycling. It is also a myth that discomfort is part and parcel of cycling. With a properly fitted bicycle, cycling is a comfortable enjoyable pursuit.

At Claymore Bicycle Fitting we want to help everyone ride more comfortably and more often, as cycling has many health and environmental benefits, and it is great fun!

During the Sgian Dubh Bike Fit we will show and teach you the basic principles of how to properly set up your bicycle so you can ride in a more comfortable and efficient position and enjoy cycling to it's full potential.

The Sgian Dubh Bike Fit has specifically been designed for occasional, leisure and family cyclists.

The Process

During a Sgian Dubh Bike Fit our qualified Cycle Fit Analyst will assess your current riding position to ensure your bicycle is properly set up for you based on set parameters that are scientifically proven to produce benefits in comfort and efficiency.

  • We measure saddle height and handlebar reach before and after the fitting.
  • We carry out one physical assessment to determine hamstring flexibility and mobility of the hips and spine.
  • On the bike we observe your current saddle height, saddle fore and aft position, handlebar reach and elevation, and make any adjustments that are correct for you.
  • Through out the bicycle fitting we teach you the basic principle of adjusting the position of the bike so you can ride in comfort, safety, with improve efficiency.

Unlike our Claymore Bicycle Fit we do not

  • Make adjustments to cleat position.
  • Delve into the minutiae of your functionality and biomechanics or make micro adjustment to your position for those Brailsfordesque "marginal gains".

Our Service

We can undertake bike fits at your home or at any other suitable premises. We provide all equipment. All you need to provide is the space, the time, your bicycle and yourself.

All types of bicycle are suitable for a bike fit, from uprights to road bikes. Currently we are unable to undertake fittings on bikes with rear hubs exceeding 135 mm or with thru-axles.


The Sgian Dubh Bike Fit last approximately 60 minutes.

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