Our Claymore Bicycle Fit is an in-depth specialist bike fit. Our approach is to work directly with you using direct observation to properly fit your bicycle to you through improving your functionality and symmetry on the bicycle. As we recognise that each cyclist is unique we therefore tailor each bike fitting session to your individual needs.

Our process involves a comprehensive analysis of your physiology, functional abilities and current riding position to achieve a cycling position that is specific to you and your goals. During your bike fitting we:

  • Document your current bike set up
  • Analyse your current riding position
  • We discuss your history and goals
  • Change your bicycle to fit you
  • Analyse your feet
  • Document your new bike set up
  • Assess your function abilities
  • Send you a detailed report
  • Check your cleat position
  • Follow up the cycle fit session

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All Claymore Bicycle Fits are performed by our Cycle Fit Analyst who is one of Scotland's highest trained bicycle fitters and a qualified Sports Massage Therapist and Biomechanics Trainer.

During your physical assessment our Cycle Fit Analyst can also look at the intrinsic biomechanics function of your hips, back and shoulders. These biomechanics screens identify any muscular and joint dysfunction and asymmetries which cause the muscles or joints not to function optimally. This can cause musculoskeletal compensations, reduced performance and increase the risk of injury. It is possible to train you to normalise your intrinsic biomechanics with effective but simple exercises.

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The Claymore Bicycle Fit is particularly recommended for competitive cyclists, cycling enthusiasts and triathletes, though all cyclists can benefit this specialist bike fitting.

Our Service

We can undertake bike fits at your home or at any other suitable premises.

We also now have access to a studio at the Braid Hills Golf Centre in Edinburgh, if getting a bicycle fitting at your home is inconvenient or it would more suitable for you to travel to Edinburgh. Please note that this does involve an additional cost.

We provide all the fitting equipment. All you need to provide is the space, the time, your bicycle and yourself.

Most types of bicycle are suitable for a bike fit, from triathlon specific bikes to hybrids. We can also carry out cycle fits on tandem bicycles. Currently we are unable to undertake fittings on bikes with rear hubs exceeding 135 mm or with thru-axles.


Our bike fits take between 4.5 and 6 hours. They take time because we do not follow a formula, but fit according to what is revealed during our comprehensive bike fit process. The duration also includes time for setting up and packing away equipment and takes into account any unavoidable interruptions that can occur whilst you are at your home.

Follow Up

We follow up your bicycle fit to ensure we have achieved the desired results and you are fully satisfied with your bike fit outcome.

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As an independent bicycle fitting service, you can be confident in getting impartial professional advise.


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