Our philosophy is quite simple: To improve your comfort, efficiency, safety and performance on the bicycle we need to make you more functional and symmetrical on the bicycle, by matching your bicycle to your functional abilities and asymmetries.

We are all unique and the only way to properly do this is to fully understand how you function off the bicycle and analyse how your bicycle challenges the way you function on the bike. A challenged position results in your body having to compensate to over come the challenge. At Claymore Bicycle Fitting we improve the position of your contact points to produce a riding position that is in tune with you functional abilities and asymmetries rather than challenging them. This makes you more functional and symmetrical on the bike.

There are numerous reasons why we function as we do: Some we cannot influence such as those which are genetically determined (e.g.: structural leg length discrepancy), and others we can influence such as improving our flexibility and range of motion. There are also intrinsic (e.g. weak muscle) and extrinsic (e.g. sitting for long hours) factors that influence our functionality and can produce functional asymmetries and muscular dysfunction.

A muscle that is not functioning optimally (dysfunctional) can produce compensatory behaviour and and functional asymmetries. Conversely intrinsic asymmetries (e.g. a leg length discrepancy) or extrinsic asymmetry (e.g.: sitting with a fat wallet in one hip pocket) can cause muscular dysfunction.

To varying degrees we are all asymmetrical and most of us possess some
area of muscular dysfunction.

Why does this matter? Well off the bicycle these factors may not be an issue as our bodies can freely move as there are limited or no restraints on our movement. This enables our bodies, which are amazing adaptors and functional compensators, to do this without any inhibitions. However this is not the case on a bicycle:

On a bicycle we are constrained by the positions of the contact points* and sit on a symmetrical piece of apparatus. If the bike is not fitted to accommodate our functional abilities and asymmetries this will produce a challenged position.

When our position is challenged on the bicycle we compensate in different ways: We may rotate the pelvis, drop the hip, overreach through one leg to pedal or elevate and protract the shoulder to reach the handlebar. The result is an increase potential for developing discomfort, pain, overuse injuries and reducing efficiency and performance.

It is therefore logical that the greater the integration of the contact points with your functionality, and the more symmetrical you are on the bicycle, the less likely you are going to get an overuse injury, the more comfortable and efficient you are going to be and the better you can perform.

At Claymore Bicycle fitting we believe the best way to improve comfort, efficiency, safety and performance is to match your bicycle to your functionality and accommodate your asymmetries, making you more functional and symmetrical on your bicycles.

To achieve this we use an approach that differs from the typical bike shop or Retül bike fit to delivers.

*pedals, saddle and handlebars

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