At Claymore Bicycle Fitting we are passionate and dedicated to the science and art of bicycle fitting. As Scotland's independent dedicated bicycle fitting service we are focused on ensuring you achieve your goals whether this is being able to ride in comfort or improve your performance.


As explained in our bike fit philosophy a proper bike fit is the the process of matching your bicycle to your functional abilities and asymmetries to make you more functional and symmetrical on you bicycle.

To do this we have to understand you: Your cycling goals, your history, how you function on and off the bike and identify any asymmetries you may have. Only then can we make the appropriate interventions to your cycling position to meet your goals.

To achieve this we use an approach that differs from the typical bike shop or Retül bike fit. Firstly we fully establish your functional abilities off the bicycle before we analyse your riding position using direct observation. Direct observation means we observe you, the subject, directly. (Retül is indirect using data on monitors). With direct observation we can analyse you from all angles and observe all planes of motion to identify how your current riding position is challenging your functionality. We can also identify asymmetries better by looking at multi-planar motions, muscular hypertonicity and compensatory behaviour that cannot be observed indirectly.

This holistic approach to analysis means we can make the right interventions to change the way you interact with your bicycle. These interventions will improve your on bike function and symmetry resulting in increased
comfort, efficiency, safety and performance.

Also how we fit your bicycle to you is determined by you! This is because we tailor our approach according to what we discover during our assessments and analysis. Since you are unique we may use different assessments and bike fit solutions to properly fit your bicycle to you. Therefore no two Claymore Bicycle Fits are the same as no two cyclists or triathletes we see are the same.

At Claymore Bicycle Fitting we only use proven fitting methodologies which are based on scientific evidence or experience.

Our bike fits are not the systematic based approach you will typically receive in a bike shop or with a Retül bike fit. Though there are similarities, it is the differences that set us apart and establish the Claymore Bicycle Fit as the most comprehensive analysis of your riding position in Scotland:

Claymore Bicycle Fit


Shop/Retül Bike Fit

  • In-depth foot analysis
  • Often the physiology of your foot is ignored
  • Postural assessment
  • Rarely done
  • Comprehensive physical assessments
  • Some physical assessments
  • True 3D analysis of your riding position looking at all planes of motion and there interaction.
  • Bike Shop: Either one or two.
    Retül: 2x saggital plane and partial frontal plane.
  • Analysis and correction of lower extremities kinematics
  • Some do, most don't
  • Interventions determined by your biomechanics and made to improve function and symmetry on the bike.
  • Intervention made to reposition you to fit within a range of predetermined joint angles.
  • Changes made to correct the biggest challenge to you riding position first, which can correct other challenges elsewhere as everything in your body is interconnected.
  • Changes made systematically, usually starting with cleat adjustment and working up the body. This approach is flawed as it ignores kinematics chains, e.g. how pelvic position can effect the foot alignement.

To achieve the best outcomes our Claymore Bicycle Fits are also a collaborative process between you and the Cycle Fit Analyst. It is not a matter of us just telling you what we believe is your correct position. This is because your body is intuitive, it speaks to you and can provides very useful feedback for our Cycle Fit Analyst. We therefore work with you getting your feedback from the changes made and we constantly evaluated your position as we make the interventions. Throughout the session we explain the interventions we make and why.

We are confident that by using this approach our bike fit process will achieved your desired outcomes and goals.

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We are the only truly independent bicycle fitting service in Scotland. We are not part of a bike shop or affiliated to any bike shop where the core activity is selling bicycles; therefore you can be confident in getting impartial advice from us. This also enables Claymore Bicycle Fitting the freedom to recommend products based on merit, from different brands


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