Alexander Allan
Cycle Fit Analyst & Sports Massage Therapist.

Alexander Allan photoAlexander's interest and passion for bicycle fitting started over four years ago from a desire to find the cause of his repeated lower back injuries. On discovering that his riding position was a main contributing factor he decided to become a qualified professional bike fitter to prevent other cyclists and triathletes having the same experiences.

Trained as an Advanced and Advanced Triathlon Bike Fitter, by the Serotta International Cycling Institute, the leading independent bike school in America, Alexander continues to develop his skills, knowledge and understanding of bicycle fitting from the likes of Steve Hogg, Dan Empfield, Arnie Baker and Paul Swift.

Also from a very early stage he realised that if you are fitting a bicycle to the rider you need a clear understanding of human anatomy and biomechanics to produce successful outcomes. As a result he has become a qualified sports massage therapist and Biomechanics Trainer.

Alexander has been a cyclist for most of his life riding mountain bikes (trail and downhill) as well as road and cycle touring. He has worked in the cycling industry for over three years and has extensive knowledge particular of the more obscure and specialised brands and products, especially in relation to bicycle fitting.



  • SICI Personalised Bike Fitter
  • SICI Advanced Bike Fitter
  • SICI Advanced Triathlon Bike Fitter
  • Retül Certified Fitter 2011


Birmingham Movement Therapy:

  • Level 3 Sports Massage Therapy
  • Biomechanics Trainer
  • Emergency First Aid at the SMS, Edinburgh


  • Cytech Technical 2 Bicycle Mechanic.


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